Firstly a humble apology for the lack of updates over the last few months - unfortunately I have been derailed from completing or green lighting a number of website features and new articles due to other projects. Fortunately this work is now largely complete and my main focus can be on the Commodore Zone!

Lots of developments are in the pipeline and the promised games review area will become a reality next year. I am still in discussions with regard to the game image database project - this is taking much longer to sort out than I originally envisaged - mainly due to being distracted from the website for so long - which has meant a number of opportunities have been missed to kickstart this project.

A number of big decisions have essentially been made - and I can move forward with a plan of action to bring them to fruition. Most of the features asked for will be implemented over the coming year. Which brings me to another point. Sorry for not responding personally to some of your emails. I will get around to this but at the moment there is quite a backlog to sift through!

Interesting that although I've been away from the scene for most of this year - not much seems to of happened with regard to the main C64 websites. But of course there was the very sad news that the legendary and acknowledged Commodore guru Jim Butterfield had passed away on June 29th 2007. A wonderful man who will be missed greatly in the Commodore Community for his sterling work and achievements. Sincerest condolences to Jim's family. Earlier in the year the Commodore community also lost the computer musician Richard Joseph the gentlemen responsible for some of the great game soundtracks on the C64 and Amiga computers. A sad year indeed. For more information, check out the wikipedia entries for Jim Butterfield and Richard Joseph.

I will probably be fixing some issues with the website over the next few weeks - which may mean that the website will be down for a few hours while some essential maintenance work takes place.

The Emulators area has been updated so the new version of CCS64 v3.4 and Vice v1.22 are now available. Also David Horrocks Hoxs64 will be added shortly. This emulator seems to be getting some favourable comments and it will be interesting to see how it develops.

The most popular area on The-Commodore-Zone is the JaC64 Java Emulator, followed by Speech Box, and then David Crane, just edging out Rob Hubbard. Interestingly however the most bookmarked and favourited article is Rob Hubbard...

Again, really pleased to see how well Zorro is doing in the End Zone. It has not only topped Bruce Lee, but by a significant margin! So much so, that I can't see Bruce Lee ever beating it again! Never expected this - I always assumed Bruce Lee would be way more popular.

Due to the downward trend of the US dollar and that the server and software we primarily use or license is based in the USA. I have taken the opportunity to finance the website in advance and 'lock-in' the running costs for the next 3 years. This means that even if there are any price rises in terms of server or software - TCZ won't be affected. It also shows a committment on our part to maintain and update the website over the coming years.

Which brings me on to the following - The Commodore Zone is actively looking for visitors that are knowledgeable about C64 games or C64 history to help with various website areas. So if you would like to help out and make some pocket money then please use the Contact Us button to discuss further.

As always thanks for your ideas and support. I will blog again before Christmas and hopefully add a few updates. Remember, if there is something you don't like about the site or something you want added just use the Contact us button from the menu above to tell us.