WARNING: Playing this flash video will reveal the end game sequence of Zorro,
do not press play unless you are sure, otherwise it may spoil your enjoyment of the game.

Part 1 - The Scavenger Hunt

Part 2 - The Catacombs

video streaming of Zorro from beginning to end, split into 2 parts, with a combined running time of about 37 minutes.
Features theme music from the film Mask of Zorro ©Copyright 1998 James Horner
and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
©Copyright 1966 Ennio Morricone

Zorro by Datasoft
Welcome to the definitive walkthrough guide for the Commodore 64 (C64) version of Zorro by Datasoft in 1985. The same company that brought you, the hugely popular Bruce Lee.

This computer game version of the Legend of Zorro was not well received by reviewers or gamers upon its release in 1985. Unfortunately due to some rather obscure puzzles and at times, tedious and repetitive game play, it made the game less appealing than Bruce Lee. For all its faults and there are many, with a little perseverance, it can be an enjoyable and rewarding arcade adventure, with some charming moments, like the branding of the bull with the iron and catapulting into the air via a conveniently left spring board and a dazed Garcia guard!

The computer version of Zorro is a strange beast, he can leap across buildings, fall 50 feet and land like a feather, neither a scratch to his head or a crease in his cape, even perform masterful tricks, such as balancing a large plant pot on his head, while simultaneously climbing up a ladder. Zorro also suffers from OBD – 'Obsessive Bouncing Disorder'. Trust me, when you play the game you will understand exactly what this means! Yes, this is the C64 version of the mighty Zorro!

Forget what the critics say – this game is nowhere as bad as they make out. It may not be the gem that is Bruce Lee, its more of a diamond in the rough, but it deserves, just a little more respect.

This walkthrough details everything you need to do to successfully complete Zorro. There are 20 different screens in Zorro, with Screen 8 - The Ole Hotel being used continually throughout the game. There are 38 steps to complete Zorro, each step is numbered from 1 - 38 with the Screen number opposite. There is an image for each Screen number, that appears in an appropriate place, throughout the walkthrough. This will allow you to get your bearings for what screen you are looking for. It takes approximately 40 minutes to complete Zorro, it can be slower or faster depending on your speed of progression. It can take a lot longer if you lose your way in the Catacombs... Use the Catacombs Map on the previous page for reference. The Catacombs is actually quite straightforward, just move to where the moneybag is on the screen and collect it. Then move in the direction that the moneybag is pointing. For example, if the moneybag is at the bottom right of the screen, and there is a ladder below the moneybag, then move down the ladder to the next screen. It's that simple. There is a complication later on in the game, when you need to navigate the Catacombs for a 2nd time. However, this time the moneybags will no longer be present! This is where the Catacombs Map comes in handy, use this to show you where the moneybags were! So you can easily progress, without getting lost.

Best of luck and Enjoy!