Little Computer PeopleLCP Harry

Little Computer People by Activision

After years of speculation and months of intensive work, the Activision Little Computer People Research Group (ALCPRG) has successfully discovered and actually drawn out dozens of small, living creatures who have been trapped in the confines of standard, store-bought computers just like yours.

And now, an inexpensive commercial version of the actual laboratory design is available for your use. Yes, you can own you very own 2 and a half storey House-on-a-Disk and that means you can soon meet a Little Computer person residing inside your computer.

Just look at some of the things you and your new-found friend can do.

LCP Living Room
Your LCP uses this room for answering/calling telephone, reading the newspaper, lighting the fireplace, and receiving a pat on the head from you!

Type in commands to use:
Please Light Fire

Key commands to use:
[CTRL] C - Rings the telephone for your LCP to answer
[CTRL] P - Pats your LCP on the head if he is sitting down

You should PAT you LCP from time to time to keep him happy - this will also make him much more cooperative when you want him to do something. If your LCP is not in the LIVING ROOM then by pressing [CTRL] P your LCP will know you want to PAT him and he will move to the LIVING ROOM.

LCP Kitchen
Your LCP uses this room for cooking meals, eating, drinking water, feeding the dog, washing dishes and playing card games.

Type in commands to use:
Please Drink Water
Please Play Cards
Please Feed Dog

Key commands to use:
[CTRL] F - Delivers food at the front door for your LCP
[CTRL] D - Delivers dog food at the front door for your LCP
[CTRL] W - Fills water tank for your LCP

LCP Card Games
You can play card or word games with you LCP - Card War, Anagrams or Poker.
Your LCP is a good card player and enjoys winning... He will become depressed if you win too much!
You can also play the word game Anagrams and he will give you clues if you need them.

LCP Computer
Your LCP uses this room for playing computer games and storing books.
This room also has a wall clock that will show the correct time - depending on the time you entered when you started your disk session.

Type in commands to use:
Please Play Computer

Key commands to use:
[CTRL] B - Delivers a new book at the front door for your LCP

LCP Bathroom
Your LCP uses this room for the obvious... Including brushing his teeth and the occassional shower.

Type in commands to use:
Please Brush Teeth

LCP Bedroom
Your LCP uses this room for sleeping, exercising, and storing clothes.
This room also has a closet that your LCP will use from time to time, usually to change clothes.

Key commands to use:
[CTRL] A - Rings the alarm clock

LCP Typing
Your LCP uses his typewriter to type letters on how he is feeling and also things he would like to do.
The filing cabinet is used for storing card games.

Type in commands to use:
Please Type Letter
Please Play Cards

LCP Watching TV
This room is used for watching television, listening and dancing to records, and playing the piano.

Type in commands to use:
Please Play Piano
Please Dance
Please Play Record

Key commands to use:
[CTRL] R - Delivers a new record at the front door for your LCP

Your LCP is an accomplished piano player, preferably classical or rock. He likes dancing to records usually Master of the Lamps, but has been known to mistakenly play the intro of Ghostbusters... At Christmas time your LCP will play Christmas records. He enjoys watching television usually Westerns!

The 'Human-Like Beings Actually Found Living Inside Computers', introductory text at the beginning of this article is an excerpt taken from the cover of the original Commodore 64 disk version of the Little Computer People Research Project ©Copyright 1985 Activision Inc.