Cosmic Convoy remains basically a shoot-'em-up, but other Taskset games take off into the realms of the extremely weird. Jammin' springs from Tony 'Gibbo' Gibson's interest in music, and the power of the 64's SID chip. "We wanted to do a game with good music, so we thought we might as well give it a musical theme. At the same time we had an idea for some sort of animated version of Ludo, and what emerged was Jammin." You'll find a full review of Jammin' in our software review section, as well as Taskset's Pipeline.

"Pipeline was a game that came from actual experience. When we were in our old premises we sprang a leak upstairs one night, and narrowly avoided having our Superbrain soaked. That experience led to all sorts of ideas about little men running around knocking holes in pipes. We worked on the idea for ages before realising that it was a much better idea to have the men repairing the holes."

One game which Andy will not admit is based on experience is Bozo's night out. "We were falling about laughing at some of the ideas we had for this one - like a display showing a bladder filling up which you have to stop to empty on your way home from the pub. In the end we felt it was getting silly rather than funny so we cut a lot out of it. All the references to alchohol were replaced with `wobble juice', although admittedly there are characters like G. Innes in the high-score table!".

Super Pipeline
Super Pipeline by Taskset