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Over the last few months I have been working on a new article on the legendary game designer and programmer Jeff Minter (aka the YAK) and Llamasoft. It was my intention to publish this a few weeks ago, but I decided to hold off, due to some additional articles that I have been able to source from old computer magazines to complement this new article. There is a wealth of information available on the Internet about Jeff Minter but I think the assembled articles that have been published on TCZ will be a useful resource, because I have included old articles that have never been reproduced/published on the net, until now. One or two are stellar. If you are a Jeff Minter fan you will love this, if you don't know too much about Jeff Minter then you soon will!

The following articles about Jeff Minter have been published and are now live on the Commodore Zone and available in the new Legends of the C64 - Jeff Minter category:

Jeff Minter - original Legends of the C64 article by TCZ webmaster.
Goatbuster - The Jeff Minter Interview by Tony Takoushi, which appeared in Big K.
The Camelid Tour '84 by Jeff Minter, which appeared in C&VG.
The Minterview by Kevin Cox, which appeared in Your Commodore.
Minter Mania by Jeff Minter, which appeared in Commodore Horizons.

These articles contain some rare photos of Jeff Minter. Also included is the Llamasoft presentation to Google Inc. by Jeff Minter, recorded 6th March 2007 and is available courtesy of YouTube and The Official Google Channel.

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In addition to the Jeff Minter content - there are two additional articles that have been published:

For all you Taskset fans, the Legends of the C64 - Taskset category now contains:
The Biggest Game In The World by Tony Takoushi, which appeared in Big K.
This article also contains a rare photo of the Taskset team. This article should of been included in the original upload for Taskset, but unfortunately due to time constraints it never made it.

The Legends of the C64 - Programmers category now contains:
Software Superstars by Tony Takoushi, which appeared in the last ever issue of Big K. A wonderful article which some Commodore fans have probably never seen, simply superb! A discussion with top Commodore game designers and programmers:
Tony Crowther (Percy the Potty Pigeon, Loco and Suicide Express).
Matthew Smith (Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy, also co-director of Software Projects).
Jeff Minter (Hover Bovver, Attack of the Mutant Camels and owner of Llamasoft).
Andy Walker (Jammin, Cad Cam Warrior and Seaside Special - the Tasket team leader).

This article contains some great photos and information.

Hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as I did reproducing them for the Commodore Zone. Great fun and nostalgic!

Have a great Christmas and see you in the New Year. I'm signing off to watch my favourite actor Cary Grant in the Bishop's Wife! Well it is Christmas, and of course the obligatory glass of sherry - a must with this film...