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Tony Reed

Worked for Commodore Horizons magazine in the early 80's writing articles for the Commodore 64.

This Author is no longer active in the Commodore scene but an Author account has been setup so that any articles by this author that are reproduced from Commodore Horizon magazine and published on The Commodore Zone are creditted to this original author.

 Articles by this Author

Profile - The Master Of Micro Music

IT'S NOT original to remark upon a similarity between the world of top games programmers and the world of pop music - both with their charts, their overnight success stories, and their sudden failures. But the particular case of Rob Hubbard fits the cliche better than most. Uniquely amongst UK programmers, he has made his name, not through writing the next big thing in platform/arcade/adventures, but in writing the music accompanying them. And what music it is: on bestsellers like Gremlin's Monty on the Run, on Commando from Elite, or Martech's Crazy Comets, the 64's poor little 3-voice SID chip suddently brings forth great-sounding 5 or 6-part, original music, doing things you never thought it could.