In recent months Jeff Minter has had interviews in about five different magazines, and in some of them he's been saying things about Tony Crowther, implying that all your games are very similar, all with scroll routines, and that you're not too good. Does it hurt you when you read that?

I don't know, I do in a way, but I find it's a compliment because i'm being mentioned, because he knows I'm there - and so do a lot of other people. I know, I'm not bad because people are buying these programs I'm writing. Whatever I write they go into the charts. They may not get that high in some cases, but they still go in the charts. I don't see why I should be criticised just because all my games are scrolling. I'd say there are two types of screen you can have - a flick screen or a scrolling screen. I find a scrolling screen more advanced, and it's also harder to write on, than a flick screen.

Do you like Minter's games?

I won't answer that! (laughs) - I do like one of his, Hover Bovver, that's the only one I do like though. Only because I'm too think to understand them - that's my problem.

Do you see you and Minter as big rivals?

I don't know. What I'd like to do is to get together with him and write a game, splitting the profits 50-50.

That sounds interesting - have you put the idea to him?

No, I haven't talked to him about it, because he won't talk to me. We don't even get to that stage! I don't really mind what he says about me, because I really like the guy.
Tony Crowther Zzap! 64
Tony Crowther

I Don't like playing games!

Tony Crowther always insists that he doesn't 'like' playing games - on the other hand, he'll admit that those below did 'keep me happy' for a while. His verdicts:

'Completed it the second or third time I played it.'

Cliff Hanger:
'Kept me happy for a reasonable amount of time. Really funny.'

Booga Boo:
'Played it for a long time.'

Dinky Doo:
'I developed a cheat version which was a lot more fun.'

The Guardian:
'I cheated on that too, and got right up to level 99. There's a bug up there somewhere. The aliens start running away from you!'

Tony Crowther Zzap! 64
Staff Of Karnath:
'I like the 3D background, but not the sprites.'

Pole Position:
'Kept me happy.'

Impossible Mission:
'Played it for half an hour, didn't finish it.'

Boulder Dash:
'It's good, I played it a lot until my copy went wrong. It's written completely without sprites.'

Crowther the person

Engaged for 18 months to Lisa, gorgeous, after meeting in a nightclub. No Marriage date.

Travelling, going to exhibitions (really enjoyed recent visit to Las Vegas), woodwork (once built a crossbow!), sewing using a sewing machine (Lisa can't).

Don't watch much except videos, Last of the Summer Wine.

Clint Eastwood, horror.

Snack pots.

Yorkshire bitter. Plenty.

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