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Tony Crowther

Tony Crowther

During the early 80's home computer boom, a number of young computer game programmers appeared on the scene, each home computer format had their own prominent stars. One of the most well known and certainly popular, was the boy genius Antony ‘Tony’ Crowther (aka Ratt), who quickly became a legend on the Commodore 64 game scene - not only with what he could achieve visually on the Commodore 64, but also because of his ability to create a good game in just a few weeks of coding!

The Potty Programmer

Tony Crowther says he wants to be famous, and he's going the right way about it. His games for Alligata and recently Gremlin Graphics have set new standards for playability, graphics and invention, and characters like Monty Mole and Potty Pigeon are following on from the successes of the earlier Blagger, Loco and Killer Watt.

Super being a Superstar!

It's barely a year since the yellow topped, lightning-fingered Tony Crowther burst upon the games-playing scene with a series of stunning programs for Alligata: Killer Watt, Blagger, Loco and Son of Blagger. He's continued to make waves since then, changing companies twice and rewriting his earlier hits as well as producing new graphical wonders. But what kind of person really is this 19 year old whizz kid? Zzap! 64 reveals for the first time the full Tony Crowther story in this interview with editor Chris Anderson.