WARNING: Playing this flash video will reveal the end game sequence of Bruce Lee,
do not press play unless you are sure, otherwise it may spoil your enjoyment of the game.

16 minute video streaming of Bruce Lee from beginning to end, with theme music from the film
Enter The Dragon by Lalo Schifrin ©Copyright 1973 Warner Bros.

Bruce Lee Atari
Bruce Lee (Atari version) by Datasoft
This 'blue' title screen graphic never appeared in the C64 version.
On the screen is the courtyard of an ancient Chinese fortress with red tile rooftops and paper lanterns. By the stone lion statue a battle is taking place between Bruce Lee and the Green Yamo, a giant Japanese wrestler with green skin. With a wicked chop to the head and two flying kicks, the Green Yamo is easily dispatched. But a Ninja appears, and knocks our hero down with a bokken stick! No, this isn't a scene from Enter the Dragon but from Bruce Lee, the game distributed by US Gold for the Atari, Spectrum and Commodore 64.

You play the part of Bruce Lee and must break into the Wizard's fortress to destroy him. To gain access to the secret chambers, lanterns which hang from the ceiling must be collected.

Along the way you must defeat the vicious Green Yamo and his Ninja Army, evade electrical dis-charges, pan-lights and exploding T'Sung-lin bushes and master paths of random particles. To help you defeat the Wizard, here is a picture map of the Wizard's fortress along with some tips for conquering each chamber by C&VG reader, Hans Hsu of Cambridge. The screens are numbered in their order of appearance.

If you would rather fight the Wizard without help then read no further, but do feast your eyes on the superb pictures from the Commodore version of the game and contemplate the perilous adventure that awaits you. Otherwise, fellow martial artists, read on.

General Combat Skills

It takes three hits to defeat the Green Yamo and two hits to defeat the Ninja. The flying kick is the most effective blow to use, although the chop can be effective in close quarters. When the Green Yamo and the Ninja attack together, it is best to get the Green Yamo first before turning your attention to the Ninja. One effective attack formation used by the computer is with the Ninja in front and the Green Yamo closely behind. A kick or chop knocks the Ninja down, but it leaves you vulnerable to a kick from the Green Yamo. The strategy to use here is to kick and then duck. While you are ducking you are impervious to the Green Yamo's attack, however, the Ninja can come and poke you with his bokken stick.