Screen 10
Collect all the lanterns and exit to the left. You will find yourself in screen five. Go through the doorway at the top of the path of random particles and emerge into screen three. A siren warns the Wizard that you have breached his underground defences. Proceed right, into screen four and past the stone line into the next screen.

Screen 11

Go up the ladder, across the scaffold before they disappear, down the ladder, collect both lanterns and down the hatch into screen twelve.

Bruce Lee Screen 10
Bruce Lee (SCREEN 10) by Datasoft
Bruce Lee Screen 11
Bruce Lee (SCREEN 11) by Datasoft

Screen 12
Collect the bottom lantern, then jump on the white vine frame and climb to the next level. Collect all the lanterns and then exit at the upper right corner.

Screen 13
Go up the path of random particles and avoid the black spikes. The three doorways lead to screens fourteen, fifteen and sixteen.

Bruce Lee Screen 12
Bruce Lee (SCREEN 12) by Datasoft
Bruce Lee Screen 13
Bruce Lee (SCREEN 13) by Datasoft

Screens 14-16
All the lanterns in these three screens must be collected before access is gained to screen 17. In screen 16, be sure to get the lantern on the upper level before dropping down to the middle level as there is no way back up.

Bruce Lee Screen 14
Bruce Lee (SCREEN 14) by Datasoft
Bruce Lee Screen 15
Bruce Lee (SCREEN 15) by Datasoft

Screen 17

This is one of the most difficult chambers. Good timing is essential and there must be no hesitation once you've started across, Do not attempt to run and then hop to avoid the pan lights. Instead, jump forward in one motion and continue to jump until you get across. Note that you can rest before crossing the top three levels, but there's no safe resting place for the bottom level.

Bruce Lee Screen 16
Bruce Lee (SCREEN 16) by Datasoft
Bruce Lee Screen 17
Bruce Lee (SCREEN 17) by Datasoft

Screen 18

Collect all the lanterns and then process right into screen 19.

Screen 19
This is the most difficult screen. First collect the lantern on the bottom level. Then climb up to the middle level. Don't forget to duck to avoid the electrical charges. Hop across to the left to get to the vines and then climb up to grasp the rail. Now go hand over hand to the right and climb to the top level. Get across the streaming pan lights, being careful that the electrical charge doesn't take you head off! Climb up the vines and go hand over hand to the right. Time you drop down the shaft to avoid the electrcial discharges and exit to the right.

Bruce Lee Screen 18
Bruce Lee (SCREEN 18) by Datasoft
Bruce Lee Screen 19
Bruce Lee (SCREEN 19) by Datasoft

Screen 20

You have made it to the Wizard's chamber. To destroy the Wizard, dash across to the right and get that last lantern. But watch out for the Wizard's deadly fireballs.

Screen 21
Victory!! The Fortress is in flames!

Bruce Lee Screen 20
Bruce Lee (SCREEN 20) by Datasoft
Bruce Lee Screen 21
Bruce Lee (SCREEN 21) by Datasoft

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