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As the final scenario line implies the wafers are the key objective in the game and the runner is the character you control. The computer has malfunctioned and it has swallowed the runner and the wafers into its processing system. The runner has to work its way through the computers locations (8192 in all) to its very heart where the wafers lie.

There are 200 alien types (some being rehashed in different layouts) Info Tokens, Phase Counters, Vifa Branches, Online Tokens and Exultation Junctions to destroy and collect on your travels. But I won't define all the above items as it would greatly detract from that joy of discovery in playing.
Cad Cam Warrior Red Game Screen
Above: Stairway to Heaven? Only if you're fast enough.
Below: 3D soft-solid and 8192 locations.
There are eight square-shaped floors with each floor holding 1024 rooms. These rooms are split into four sectors on each floor (4*256) with a stairway to the floor above in each corner of the floor.


As you play you will be presented with a room which has two mirrored plates (see pics) and the colour of the edge plates will be an indication of the attack pattern for that room. Skillful play is necessary as the faster you complete a room you are awarded with Phase Counters and Online Tokens.
Cad Cam Warrior Blue Game Screen
Below: The Taskset Cad-Cam Warrior team: justifiably proud of their epic.
These two items allow you to jump ahead and bypass other rooms directly in your path (as laid out in a short-range map at the end of an attack wave) and receive information about branches further ahead respectively.

The key to playing this game well is be rather familiar with the numbers in base eight (play it and find out!). The small section of map (see above) shows a tiny portion of the first floor. You enter top left and would have to hold info tokens to see the branch down from the blue sector to the Orange sector, or you would travel all the way up and down the blue passage to reach the Orange junction.
Cad Cam Warrior - Taskset Team
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