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The action in the game is fast and furious and the aliens do not simply have to be zapped. You can collect them, lay mines, lead them into trouble and collect them while they are young, to name but a few. The real challenge in this game is simply its sheer size and the necessity to watch out for (and wisely choose) the right branches to get via Exultation Junction to the floor above you.

As you can see from the map section (the number 8 and multiples thereof are relevant when it comes to finding junctions to the next sector on each floor. although there are a few surprises in store if all junctions encountered are taken.

The graphics and sound are up to the usual Taskset excellence and a great deal of thought has gone into the planning and design of this game. It all shows in the quality of the final product. Cadcam Warrior is not a game to be cracked in a week. In fact, I defy anyone to crack this baby inside a month. Maybe two. So there.


Taskset Cad Cam Warrior Advert
Taskset Cad Cam Warrior Advert

ALL TASKSET games, and Cad Cam Warrior especially, are the result of solid teamwork. At all stages from design concepts through to mastering for duplication the designers have been working together, originating and solving problems.
Consider some of the stages which became the subject of discussion by some or all the Taskset team during the development of Cad Cam Warrior:

1. The design concept - this grew from ideas about displaying two alternative game play areas on the same screen. They were originally linked by holes through which the player could conduct two battles simultaneously. This idea fused with the concept of a machine created labyrinth and the basis for Cad Cam Warrior.

2. Detail Definition - to establish the shape of characters and the environment. This is heavily linked to graphic design but must take account of the capabilities of the 64's screen and the requirement that the major characters be highlighted and have special definition to save them from merging with a many-coloured background.

3. Storyboards - these are produced to establish the main objectives of the game and to show the view of important scenes on the way to the goal.

4. Sound - including sound effects and music, the allocation of channels and the mood which the music should induce. The composition and arrangement of an original score was a major consideration.

5. Game Facilities - includes joysticks, keyboard, player options, number of players, security, loading screens and memory management. Add to these game requirements the commercial requirements of scheduling, production, packaging, promotion and funding the need for a team is clear.

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