Comic Bakery
Comic Bakery by Ocean
Other games like the arcade-licensed Comic Bakery soon followed and would now have the familiar Galway sound.

Comic Bakery as the name suggests, is a game based in a Bakery. Your objective is to ensure that the machines in the factory are operating optimally and that the baked bread is transferred to a delivery truck. Your main obstacle to achieving this is raccoon’s, which invade the factory and try to eat the bread or interfere with the machinery.

It's initially an interesting and quite bizarre game, but soon becomes rather boring and repetitive.

Fortunately the game features one of Galway’s most popular tunes and other C64 musicians have covered/remixed this probably more than any other Galway music.


Green Beret (aka Rush’n Attack), was a licensed conversion of the popular arcade machine. The game was based in the Cold War period; with the objective of infiltrating enemy defense installations and rescuing captured soldiers.

It was a scrolling platform game and although the game was difficult to play it was worth persevering with. The C64 version was blessed with a smooth scrolling screen – other conversions, like the Amstrad suffered from a jerky scroll routine.

The loading sequence had a wonderful ‘slow’ atmospheric tune that was well suited to the game. The title screen had another piece of music that although did not seem much at first, gradually built up to a crescendo. There is a short but effective sequence in this music that is just tremendous – it’s a kind of reverb effect and it sounds fantastic. I remember being so impressed with this section of the music that I actually sampled it at a later date to my Amiga and added an echo effect to it in Audio Engineer! It sounded amazing!

Green Beret
Green Beret by Ocean


Galway produced a rendition of the popular Queen song It’s a Kind of Magic for the game Highlander based on the film of the same name, starring Christopher Lambert. A great piece of music, unfortunately saddled with an appalling game. This is actually one of the best renditions of a song recreated on a C64 and certainly saved this game from being the sales disaster that it otherwise would of been.


Miami Vice starring Don Johnson was a popular, hit television show in the 80’s and was licensed by Ocean. Yet again the unique Galway sound was used to full effect. The in-game music was actually a rendition of the original television music - although some at the time did not rate it that highly – I disagree, I think it was a very good rendition and I don’t really see how it could have been done any better. The title music also had a pleasant and highly effective tune which became resonably popular – it also appeared on the Circlesque graphics demo that was distributed on a cover disk by Commodore Disk User magazine.

Miami Vice
Miami Vice by Ocean

Circlesque by CDU


The multi-level scrolling shoot-em-up Parallax has an extremely long piece of music, about 11 minutes in length. Its certainly a competent effort by Galway which has some magical moments – but I think this music has been overrated at times – its not as good as some of Galway’s other work.